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FJ Progressive focuses on not the mere buying and selling of real estate, but using the ownership of real estate as a tool in the investment portfolio of an individual or entity seeking diversification. Frank Cefaratti works tirelessly to assist in the identification of real estate opportunities, both residential and commercial, for investors that are interested in the use of property ownership to generate positive cash flow, gain tax advantages and secure other more subtle benefits. Ralph A. Cantafio and Mark J. Fischer are each attorneys with collectively 67 years of legal experience. Not only do Ralph and Mark hold both law and real estate licenses, but Ralph has acquired two Master of Science Degrees and is a faculty member at Colorado Mountain College where he teaches business law. Together, Frank, Ralph and Mark work collaboratively to bring a distinctively multidisciplinary approach to Cantafio and Fischer Realty as well as FJ Progressive in a fashion that few real estate brokerages are able.


Construction/Real Estate Lead and Owner Frank Cefaratti
Frank has over 16 years experience in a multitude of businesses; in the service industry as well as real estate market. Alongside with family, he has been through a complete construction and operation process of a state of the art full service car wash, auto detailing, and café/c-store. Besides running all day-to-day operations for 15 years, Frank was a key player to the acquisition of an additional 2 self-serve car washes. Frank managed a complete restoration project on both facilities and managed all three businesses together creating a very successful business venture; concluding with the sale of all 3 locations in one large real estate transaction. Frank also holds his Colorado real estate license and has been a key component to several closings as well as creating a property management company that he tied in with his snow removal business; ultimately creating a service industry empire. Frank recently sold his snow removal and property management business and now focuses on his new beliefs of acquiring stable assets with a strong positive cash flow. Frank has a strong belief in helping others and giving back, as well as bringing the proper people together to create very successful relationships both personally and in business.

Creating Success Together means that we take our knowledge and create deals that work for all parties involved. Good opportunities might be out there, but the great ones, you need to create! Working together with like-minded people is how we create successful relationships, businesses and investments. Working as a team, and having open communication about our goals in a particular property is what we are all about.

As you will read, we at FJ Progressive want to promote change for the good! Being Progressive means just that, whether it is building a section 8 apartment complex that is LEED certified, giving some attention to a neglected property to increase its cash flow, or creating a win/win situation for a distressed seller. We want to be that change you are looking for in a business. We as a company are consistent in the work we do and how we deliver. No matter how big or small the investment, we handle it with integrity. "The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office." Dwight D. Eisenhower

At FJ progressive Properties we believe in sustainability. We are from the generation that believes we need to makes changes in order to see our world survive. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy affordable, clean and safe environments to work, play and live in. "Let 's Grow Together" as business partners and individuals coming together creating great opportunities and doing good.


At FJ Progressive we believe in giving back to organizations that in turn give their time and their efforts in helping our planet, our animals, our children etc. We believe we are all responsible for helping others in a time of need. We now invite you to explore our charitable affiliates who we thank and respect for the amazing work they do. "You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you." - John Bunyan


  1. Establish Target - Focusing on the end goal gives us a clear picture, which allows us to act quicker and more efficiently.

  2. Develop a Market - Where is the market going? What area and financial market do we want to be in? Let 's evaluate it and take the time to get to know it so we can be confident it will meet our end target.

  3. Locate opportunities - Our target and our market becomes the opportunity! With our team now able to proficiently locate, analyze and acquire stable properties to help insure our return on investment, which is a pertinent concern.

  4. Negotiate and structure the transaction - When we are at the point of negotiating we are able to take the steps above as our outline. We make our team and the seller aware of our desires and capacities which keep everyone accountable. Negotiating is the key to the success of the asset. If analysis unveils a situation of concern, we immediately share our finding with all parties and allow the seller to offer a solution. (This works in the best interest of the investor and our end goals).

  5. Finalize the transaction - Through past experience and numerous transactions; we have created a working relationship with all key players and necessary associates for a smooth and quick closing.

  6. Manage the asset - by running our own property management company for several years we understand what makes a property and the operations of that property run smoothly. Education, professionalism and accountability are pertinent to property management and to our entire business.

  7. Exit Strategy - This is probably the most important part of the hypothesis. We believe each opportunity should have a target. We also know that we cannot see into the future and dictate events that could happen. When we have a plan on how and when to dispose of an asset, we are prepared for anything. We do not neglect or lose focus on any of our projects, thus maintaining full control and optimum performance at all times.


FJ Progressive Properties specializes in "finding the deal" we strive to find bargain properties and turn them into accelerated cash flowing opportunities. Through our unique education, we have learned and come to understand the real-estate market. By having a preplanned goal of what we expect and want out of a particular investment, we sift through many opportunities to find assets that take us straight to our criteria and our end goal. We take time and energy to find that that perfect "deal" for all parties involved. Based on our philosophies, morality, and our principles as individuals and as a business when we "find the deal" which is usually a distressed financial situation for another person involved, we offer a win/win situation for all parties.

1997: Developed and constructed a full service car wash, detail shop, and café in Steamboat Springs with father. Maintained total control and leadership of operations as a family business for 16 years.

2005: Purchased 443 Storm Mtn Ct. for $525,000.Completed full renovations as well as constructing a 1,200 square foot garage and office space.

2005: Started Shuv-It Snow Removal Company, later expanding to a full service property management company; "Personal Property Care." Specializing in rental management, remodels, and home service.

2007: Acquired Colorado Real Estate License. Continued education in real estate, business, and law. Currently partnered with Cantafio Eddington PC and Cantafio and Fischer Realty with offices in Steamboat Springs and Denver.

2007: Purchased 1999 CR 186, Lake Agnes. Kremling CO. Renovations in excess of $40,000. Currently manage and rent property as a nightly/weekly vacation retreat. Average gross rents in excess of $50,000

2009: Purchased a 4 bay self service car wash. Completed a full renovation and rehab of business including the development of Steamboat Springs first and only Self Service Dog Wash facility.

2010: Performed full renovations of an additional 4 bay self service car wash, managed the integration of business systems with 2 more car washes.

2010: 2840 NE 20th Ave. Light House Point Fl. Purchased in short sale, completed a $55,000 renovation and sold for a 90% return

2011: 2741 NE 15th St. Purchased in short sale, completed $40,000 in renovations; Currently manage as a family property rental.

2011: 2944 NE 22nd Ct, Pompano Beach Fl. Purchased with father in estate sale for. Completed major renovations in excess of $130,000. Currently managed as vacation rental with gross rents in excess of $60,000 a year.

2011: 2747 NE 14th St. Ft Lauderdale. Purchased in short sale for, completed minor repairs and later sold for 35% return.

2012: 3605 NE 32nd Ave. currently manage as rental for positive cash flow.

2013: Sold Property management company and snow removal business in Steamboat Springs. Focus on the growth and development of FJ Progressive Relations. Advanced continuing education in real estate, construction, and financial intelligence.

2013: Project Manager / foreman for high-end basement finishes throughout all metro Denver and surrounding neighborhoods. Managing the completion of over 13 Full Basement finishes as well as 3 successful single family remodels and sales in and around Denver Metro.

2014: CEO and Operations Manager for FJ Progressives focusing on a multitude of rehab opportunities and income property acquisitions. Acquired current project at 864 Santa Fe, currently in design phase for mixed use development. Completed over 8 successful rehab projects in and around Denver and Surrounding neighborhoods. Continue to manage High-end Basement Finishing projects.

2015 to Current: Management of commercial and residential development projects in and around the Denver area. General Contracting on a multitude of large home additions, Garages and Additional dwelling units.

Current Projects

Pompano Beach Florida

Vacation Rental Property
VRBO # 428864

IntraCoastal Riviera, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Rental Properties under management

Osceola St

Historic 1890 Victorian renovation. Adding shed dormers in roof and addition on rear. Beautiful historic Denver Landmark revitalization.

Highlands W 33rd Ave

4603 West 33rd St

3400 Nelson St.

Sweetridge Towns 6 plex townhomes in WheatRidge!

Click Here To View Virtual Tour

Completed Projects

1926 Huron St.

2389/2391 Galapago St

1830 Garland Street

4097 Vance - 24 Unit Apt Building New Build

View Matterport

New Build in the Highlands (Denver)

2976 Perry
Highlands Pop Top

2865 S Colorado
New Commercial

2052 S Galapago
New Construction

Kitchen Renovation


2000 Elmira St. Aurora, CO

5 unit apartment building fully rented with under market rents with a vacancy history of less than 3%. 2 out of the 5 units are already remodeled; the remaining three are in good condition.

Morrison, CO
Friendly Hills

Green Mtn. Ranch

Green Valley Ranch

Kimble Croft Park

West Highlands, W 32nd Ave

E Belleview

Description Englewood - E Belleview Neighborhood

Sloans Lake Area West 26th Ave.

864 Santa Fe

864 Santa Fe Dr. Denver's Hottest up and coming Art's District neighborhood. 2,000 SF commercial building acquired is major disrepair. Currently undergoing extensive renovations in addition to a 2,000 square foot new build on the East side of the property.

Grove Street

Beautiful 1887 Queen Anne Style Victorian in Whittier Coffield​ Historic District, Denver, CO. Major Renovations and Restoration.

Out Of State Projects

Lake Agnes, Kremling Colorado

Lake Agnes Retreat. Vacation Rental property under management

Victoria Park, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Construction & Garage Building

FJ Progressive offers full service Project Managing and general contracting services. Take advantage of our years of experience and abundant resource of licensed sub contractors, preferred vendors, and wealth of knowledge!"

Whether you need a start to finish action plan or just looking for some help in creating a conceptual idea and obtaining plans or permits, we are here for you!

Fast, Affordable, Creative, and Extremely Professional

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Denver, Colorado

  • With a 2012 estimated population of 624,265, Denver ranks as the 23rd most populous U.S. city.
  • The 12-county Denver-Aurora-Boulder Combined Statistical Area had an estimated 2011 population of 3,157,520, which ranks as the 16th most populous U.S. metropolitan area.
  • Denver is the most populous city within a 500-mile (800km) radius.

Denver's Encouragement of Growth & Vision for the Future

  • The City and County of Denver's current population of 600,000.
  • Expected to increase by another 100,000 in the next 10 years
  • On June 21, 2010 Denver mapped a new zoning code to address modern-day development patterns and increase population growth.
  • Denver is listed in Forbes Magazine under America's Top 20 fastest growing cities
  • Median salary is $63,100

FasTracks / Light Rail rtd-fastracks.com

Denver's Union Station - once the transportation gateway to the west - recently received the approval to be renewed as a contemporary vision of urbanity and clean transportation. The Union Station Alliance's wining proposal is a LEED Gold restoration that will be anchored by a 130-room hotel, a retail center, public plaza, and a train hub connecting Amtrak with regional trains and buses. The location of the station, smack in the heart of Denver's popular LoDo neighborhood helps weave together all the elements needed for a thriving downtown renaissance.

Denver International Airport flydenver.com

Denver International Airport is the collective vision of the communities and governments of the Denver metro area. Every feature of the airport is designed to make it the most efficient, attractive and customer-friendly airport in the World! Its airfield, with its "flow - through" operation and multiple runways, provides high capacity and few delays, ranking Denver at the top for on-time performance. Runways do not intersect, and they are far enough apart to support simultaneous arrivals and departures. Air traffic flow can be easily switched from one runway to another, depending on wind direction or traffic volume.

  • DIA in planned to handle 1.2-million aircraft takeoffs and landings and more than 100-million passengers per year.
  • Current projections show the airport exceeding 650,000 takeoffs and landings and 50-million passengers before 2010.
  • Denver International Airport was located in a largely rural area so that residential development could be planned and would not encroach upon airport operations.

Economic Impact

The economic activity associated with the airport goes beyond the more than 30,000 workers at DIA and the businesses that are directly related to airport operations. The airport supports the state's essential tourism industry as well as businesses that are dependent on air transportation for just-in-time shipping or frequent corporate travel.

  • DIA's total economic impact in 2003 was $16.7 billion, including 193,229 jobs, $6.9 billion in wages, and 3.7 billion tourist dollars for lodging, food, entertainment, and retail sales. Because passenger volume is growing and additional air carriers have started service at DIA, the current impact is even more significant.
  • DIA anchors what is now metro Denver's fastest-growing region. With an annual economic impact of $15 billion to metro Denver - increasing to $85 billion by 2025 - the DIA region will account for 30 percent of all metro area employment growth. (DIA Leadership Committee Homebuyers' Guide to the Denver International Airport Region)

New Home Development

  • Median sales price of new houses (all of Denver counties) sold in December 2013 was $270,200
  • Average sales price was $311,400.
  • An estimated 428,000 new homes were sold in 2013.
  • This is 16.4 percent (+/- 4.0%) above the 2012 figure of 368,000.

Job Growth

  • There were 1,288,600 jobs in Denver, Colorado in November 2013 according to the CES survey of employers.
  • The Mile High City's main industries include aerospace and manufacturing.
  • Two of the major employers in the area are Ball Corp. and Lockheed Martin.
  • For those looking to secure a job, the nonprofit association SCORE Denver provides low-cost services to help entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed in the area.
  • The Denver Chamber of Commerce helps young people network and get involved in the community with The Denver Metro Chamber Young Professionals Group.

Residential Real Estate Indicators

Sources: Recolorado; National Association of Realtors; Denver Metro Apartment Vacancy & Rent Survey; U.S. Census Bureau

2013 2014 2014
Home Sales (closed) 52,398 52,736 53,800
Residential Building Permits* 16,940 16,910 18,280
Single-Family Detached (1 unit) 7,396 8,396 9,270
Single-Family Attached (2, 3, and 4 units) 399 440 610
Multi-Family (5+ units) 9,145 8,074 8,400
Apartment Vacancy Rate 4.6% 4.6% 4.7%
Median Home Price
Metro Denver $280,600 $310,200 $348,600
National $197,400 $208,900 $222,900

METRO DENVER 2015 (e) 2016 (f)
Population 3,062.5 million 3,116.4 million
Net Migration 30,864 33,521
Employment 3.2% 2.9%
Non-Agricultural Employment (thousands) Total: 1,568.4 Total: 1,613.9
Unemployment Rate 3.8% 3.5%
Retail Trade Sales Growth Rate 5.7% 6.7%
New Residential Units 17,954 18,639


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